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Qualifying level

level І

«junior specialist» (College)

level II

«Bachelor» (KMAM)

Level IV

«Master» (KMAM)

Educational process consists of the following cycles of disciplines:

I. Cycle of social disciplines and humanities (10-14 subjects).

II. Cycle of fundamental and professionally oriented subjects (9-12 subjects).

III. Cycle of professional disciplines (12-18 subjects).

IV. Cycle of practical activity (4-7 subjects).

The contingent of students of the institution — is 725 persons (age — of 14-25) countries: Ukraine, China, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Iran, Russia, Greece, Estonia.

Teachers of the Academy — are a team of highly qualified musicians-specialists, among them 40 doctors and candidates of Art, 38 national and honored artists of Ukraine, 19 Honored Artists and Honored Workers of Ukraine; students of the Academy are winners of international and national competitions, famous artists, scientists, teachers and methodologists.

The teaching staff of the Academy has outstanding creative achievements — over the past 10 years, students and creative teams of the Academy received over 500 victories at international, national and regional competitions, festivals and conferences.

The Academy shall scientific publication «Kyiv musicology». Today R.Glier KMAM produced 33 scientific collections, including both major art works Ukraine, Russia, Germany, and young musicologists article — students and graduate students.

During 2007-2010 the Academy established strong and diverse international contacts, cooperation agreements with 10 universities in Poland, Turkey, Iran, Germany, Syria, China, at the Academy of master classes by leading experts from the US, Russia, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Israel, Finland, Israel, joint cultural and educational projects with community organizations, arts organizations, embassies of 11 countries of the world.